Andrey Bandrovsky

Professional Experience:

  • 5 years at Campi Properties Inc. in Los Altos.
  • 4 years at Coldwell Banker in Downtown Los Altos.
  • 2 years as Advertising Director at Great Expectations in Palo Alto .
  • 4 years as Advertising Director at Hitek International in San Francisco.

Professional Philosophy:

  • I am committed to superior service and results to last a lifetime for my clients.
  • My combined experience, initiative, integrity and sensitivity have inspired clients to return to me and refer my professional service to their acquaintances worldwide.
  • My strict ethical standards and negotiating skills are unsurpassed.

Professional Affiliations:

  • National Association of Real Estate Brokers.
  • California Association of Real Estate Brokers.
  • Silicon Valley Association of Realtors.
  • SF Film Society, Associated Producer.

Education and Awards:

  • Licensed Realtor of California.
  • Career Track Realtors School. 
  • Bachelor in Art, National Art Academy, UKR.


  • Client referral list upon request.

Personal Background:

  • 15 years residency in the Bay Area.
  • Have a son graduated from Gunn High School.
  • Residing in Palo Alto.
  • Real Estate is my life and passion. Wherever I travel, overseas or at home, I always interested to see new investment opportunities for myself and my clients.


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