"We had known Andrei since 2013 when we met him at his open house in Los Altos Hills. His openness, detailed knowledge of the property features, and state of the Real Estate & financial markets caught our attention. We were new to the area and were impressed with his comprehensive and not intimidating service. Shortly we decided to buy the same property and asked Andrei for representation.
Andrei communicated with us 24/7 on each transaction step, and his perfectionism in all details is very impressive. As a result, we felt we were in good hands, and nothing significant could be overlooked in our transaction.
It was fierce negotiation with the seller because the property was on the market for some time, and we were happy that Andrei negotiated the below listing price offer for us.
When we decided to have new construction on this property, Andrei promptly provided us with the best architect & builder for our new project. Overall, the people working with Andrei and their quality are impressive.
Shortly after the Los Altos Hills property, we decided to purchase a brand-new home in Saratoga on 1 AC of land that just came on the market at $4,5 Mill. price. Andrei submitted our offer the next day, and we completed the purchase.
After eight years of living abroad, in 2021, we decided to sell our property in Los Altos Hills. Remembering well the success of our past experiences, we asked Andrei for representation, and it looks like we both were happy to get into business again.
Andrei did not fail our expectations, delivering the highest price in Los Altos Hill for the parcel of land. We are happy with our property exposure and marketing. We had six offers during the listing time. Andrei's strength especially was needed when the Buyer informed us about the lack of funds for closing right before the closing. Andrei managed to produce a solid backup offer, salvaging the transaction.
We are confident that our story of working together is not over yet."

- Eugene & Luba

My husband & I had known Andrei since 2004 when we first met at his Webster St. Palo Alto open house. The connection was mutual from first sight. Andrei showed us three homes, and we bought the Barron Park House. We happily lived in that house, and when we moved to Boston, we called Andrei to sell it. It was a smooth experience with an excellent price appreciation at the end.
I had a panic attack packing the whole house in one week. When Andrei saw me crying, he arranged his packing company the same day, and we finished in three days. During the selling process, Andrei stayed in our house on his Birthday, waiting three hours for the acceptance of our counter offers. I baked him a Birthday cake, and my family, with two of our kids, celebrated his Birthday at our house.
Since 2008 we have bought and sold with Andrei four more properties, including our current one in Portola Valley. We have never worked with any other Agent for the past 17 years because Andrei has not changed with time. His skills have greatly improved, and the companies he works for are becoming more & more sophisticated. It is needless to describe any of Andrei's skills. The 17 years of working together are compelling evidence.
Now, we have another Real Estate project in Los Altos, and it's apparent that we are working with Andrei again.

- Mike & Tanya

We had the great pleasure of working with Andrei Bandrovsky on purchasing a house at the beginning of 2009. We were first-time buyers in the mids of the 2008-09 market crash. Every stage of the process was either delayed or encountered some difficulties. In the beginning, we made a big mistake with brand new construction going directly with the builder's realtor in the hope of saving some commission money. We already got into a non-contingent contract, made a downpayment, and felt something was wrong with the house. When we asked Andrei to come and assess what was wrong, he immediately pointed out the flaws of the house that the builder's agent didn't tell us about. The builder's contract was different from the realtor's one, and we needed help to get out of it. Andrei remained calm and confident through all the fights with the builder and got us out of it. The next house he found for us in Lafayette was REO with an unknown to us lender for $35% below market value. The time of communicating with this lender was killing us, but Andrei handled it with the highest level of integrity and was very efficient.
Last Christmas, we decided to travel to Scottsdale, AZ, in search of our out-of-state vacation house and asked Andrei to search for the $2-3 Mill. vacation property and the agent who can complete the transaction in 5-10 days of our vacation time. In 24 hours, Andrei found two properties for us that we loved, and the agent who met us at the airport gave us a tour of the area and completed our purchase.
 In Jan. 2022, we found a beautiful house in Moraga next to our daughter's. We asked Andrei for help again. The speed at which Andrei arranged several showings of the home, the offer submission, and the offer counter between multiple offers was mind-boggling and very comfortable.
Those many years of experience working with Andrei were always smooth and joyful. We could reach Andrei 24/7, and he kept us informed on every critical detail promptly and courteously. He truly loves what he does. Furthermore, he was outstanding in negotiating to help us consistently get the best value.
We would work with Andrei again and again!

- Raushan & Oleg

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